Trails by Design has over 30 years experience and has developed services that offer our clients the expertise and assistance in a wide variety of trail planning services, program development, trail project conditioning, community outreach, volunteer training and construction management. Locally, we serve San Diego, Riverside, Orange and Imperial Counties but are familiar with trail planning efforts throughout the State of California.

We have excellent community and multi-user group relations. Our development/construction background allows easy integration of trail planning experience into projects resulting in long term user enjoyment and sustainable trail design. Our expertise includes:

  • Planning and collaborating with local, state and federal governmental agencies
  • Building and maintaining strong relationships with clients, communities, volunteers and non-profit organizations
  • Developing, implementing, managing and maintaining a Countywide Trails Program
  • Creating community trail plans and maps
  • Developing trails policies and ordinances
  • Conditioning discretionary development projects
  • Developing and conducting volunteer trail maintenance training workshops
  • Developing “Adopt-A-Trail Programs”
  • Planning regional trail conferences/symposiums
  • Mobilizing the trail community